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School Tours    

The Student Experience at Ramsey's Farm 


Letters to the Teachers

Spookley and Kids

** New for 2019 take the Spookley anti-bullying pledge at Ramsey’s Farm – navigate our Spookley (not Spooky) sorghum maze and read the Spookley the Square Pumpkin story and take the anti-bullying pledge.

Ramsey's farm has offered educational farm tours since 1996. Over the years our tours have truly evolved, keeping what works and trying new things all the time. One of the most important reasons that Ramsey's Farm offers educational tours is our belief that folks of all ages need to understand how agriculture/farming fits in societies grand scheme and the fact that food basically comes from the farm and soil, not a plastic bag from the store. We also feel that the farm is an incredibly stimulating and fun place for students to learn. 

The following pictures and words try to capture what a typical school group should experience during their fall visit. For the purposes of our tour we have selected mostly pictures of clear blue sky's with no rain in sight. In reality when the sun is shining our farm is even more beautiful then these pictures will portray, but again "in reality" we don't control the rain or sun. 

An important part of your visit is the student activity/coloring book that goes home with each student.  This resource will reinforce concepts taught at the farm.  The book makes a great conclusion to a successful field trip.  Our book contains a farm word search, estimating and matching activities.  

Click here to Know "Why Should Your School Visit Ramsey's Farm". 

Educational Standards


While enjoying your visit to Ramsey's Farm, students in grades K though 3rd will participate in several areas that meet state educational standards for Delaware and Pennsylvania. While our program hits on many other standards our focus is in the following areas: 


Science Content Standards
Standard Four - Earth in Space
Standard Five - Earth as a Dynamic System
Standard Six - Life Processes
Standard Seven - Diversity and Continuity of Living Things
Standard Eight - Ecology   


Environment and Ecology
4.4.4  Agriculture and Society
4.5.4 Integrated Pest Management
4.6.4 Ecosystems and their Interactions


2.2.3 Computation and Estimation

Science and Technology 

Before you book your visit with us…

Look at our calendar and determine days that you are available to visit our farm.  We recommend that you have two days in mind.  We suggest that you call or email early to book your visit and also choose a rain date.  Consider visiting the farm early in our season when the farm is less crowded.   It also allows more flexibility for rescheduling because of weather. 

Unfortunately, the weather is something that we cannot control.  At times, we may need to modify our program because of muddy field conditions.  We may find it necessary to do our “teaching” under the tent if our fields are too muddy for the hayride or if it is drizzling.  We recommend that children wear boots or old shoes to the farm.  Even if the field is not wet because of the rain, it is often wet because of the dew in the morning.  We know that everyone enjoys the hayride, but your safety on our farm is our main concern and we cannot offer the hayride if we feel it would be unsafe.  Also, if you book early there is more flexibility in rescheduling your tour because of bad weather. 

Determine whether or not your group will be having lunch/snack at the farm and make sure to indicate you intentions at the time of booking.  (We do not have food for sale on week-days.) 

Booking your visit

Included with your visit is an educational narrated hayride, student pumpkin (chaperones receive a small pumpkin or gourd), visit to one of our mazes, student activity/coloring book, and a small class pumpkin chosen by the teacher. The cost is $8.00 for students and chaperones. Teachers are always free!

When you are ready to book your visit or have questions about our farm you will leave a message for Jane on our voicemail at (302) 477-1499 - mailbox 1 or contact her via the Email form below. She will get back to you to schedule your specific tour date and time.


Group or Organization:
Expected Number of Group (Size)
Best Time to Call
Desired Date:

First Choice:
Second Choice:
Third Choice:


Preferred Arrival Time:
Must Depart By:
Rain Date:


Teachers should remind parents to dress children appropriately (sturdy shoes or boots are suggested, jeans or long pants, hats and gloves depending on temperature, coats, etc.

Students may get dirty. 

Arrival at the farm

Someone from the farm (usually Yogi) will greet your bus and provide a run down about the activities for the day and farm rules.  Each class will receive at least one Activity Rotation Card.  Your activity card indicates what order your group will do the following:  hayride, pick pumpkins, visit the maze, and have lunch if applicable.   After each activity, your group should visit the central greeting area to receive instructions about their next activity. 

Farm Rules:

            Please walk at all times!

            An adult should always lead the group!




Payment is expected at the time of your visit.  A good time to make payment is when you first arrive.  If you school requires an invoice before they will issue a check, please discuss this with Jane at the time of your booking.  Receipts will be available on the farm. Checks should be made payable to Ramsey’s Farm.  We also accept cash.


Our educational hayride typically lasts about 30 minutes.  Your hayride will be narrated by either Farmer Stewart or his sister, Jane.  We discuss different crops that we grow on our farm and go into detail about the pumpkin growth cycle.    We also go into detail about how the weather affects the farmer and other living organisms on the farm.  The importance of seeds to the farmer is discussed.  Students and adults are encouraged to ask questions while at the farm, particularly during the hayride.   We try to evaluate and make our hayride age appropriate, please feel free to remind us your class’s grade level when boarding the wagon. 




Pumpkin Picking (about 20 to 30 minutes) 

Prior to picking pumpkins, students will receive a Ramsey’s Farm bag to put their name on.  Students and chaperones will then go into our field and choose their pumpkin.  Their special pumpkin should fit inside the Ramsey’s Farm bag provided. 

Once everyone has selected their pumpkin as a group, you will then proceed to the pumpkin corral marked with your school name.  It is near the fence above the parking lot. The pumpkin corral is a safe place to put your pumpkins that keeps them organized by school.

Maze:  Straw Bale Maze, Sorghum, half the Corn Maze, or the full Corn Maze. (20-to-60 minutes) 

The farm offers several mazes for different age groups.  Our youngest visitors (4 years   and younger) typically enjoy our straw bale maze.  Our next most challenging maze is our sorghum maze, recommended for four to six year olds.  Our corn field maze is the largest and the most difficult of our mazes.  We have divided our corn maze in half to allow groups with time constraints to enjoy it.



The farm will provide three levels of trivia to help navigate the corn maze (kindergarten, first and second grades).  You may also develop your own custom trivia using the template we provide. Customizing your trivia can make your maze experience even more exciting to your students. Your custom trivia questions will need to include 4 multiple choice answers with only one correct answer. Our template will be available by about September 1st and will indicate which slot (A,B,C,or D) the correct answer must go in.



Students are reminded to walk and please do not throw things in the maze!




Lunch or Snack 

Groups are welcome to enjoy lunch/snack at the farm.  We ask that you notify Jane at the time of booking of your plans to have lunch/ snack at the farm. Please be courteous and leave our farm as clean as when you arrived. Farmer Stewart is passionate about litter control. Several trash cans are provided to keep litter in its place!




When departing our farm please be sure to have children walk to the buses.  Also be sure that children have gathered all of their belongings.  Your activity/coloring books and goody boxes for teachers will be given to the bus drivers if the buses stay at the farm.  If your bus leaves the farm during your visit, please be sure to see someone in charge so that your group doesn’t leave without the activity books and goody box that has been gathered for your group.  In the goody box, teachers will receive different crops that are grown on our farm and discussed while you are visiting our farm.  Your box will include things such as:  feed corn from our corn maze, popcorn, gourds, sorghum and different types of seeds.


Please be sure to fill out the teacher survey and return it to us.  We do appreciate your input and we strive to make your visit as enjoyable and educational as possible.  We use the information from our surveys to improve our programs each year.


Note from Farmer Stewart 

We work throughout the year to improve your experience at Ramsey's Farm. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions in any form you wish to give them. I hope your group can visit our farm this fall and participate in all it has to offer.  

Warm Regards 

Stewart Ramsey

(Farmer Stewart)


Email – FarmerStewart@Ramseysfarm.com


Ramsey's Farm

330 Ramsey Road

Wilmington, DE 19803       



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