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Life Cycle of a Strawberry





Strawberry Root

Roots are shipped to us for planting.  We planted approximately 13,000 plant roots in our two-acre patch.  The roots and crowns are frozen when they arrive.


Strawberry Plant

This is what the strawberry plant looks like in  early summer when they are beginning to develop.






More Strawberry Plants

Our strawberry plants are growing!  We are watering our plants and weeding our field to make sure that our plants are healthy.


Strawberry Flowers

The strawberry flowers begin to grow on the plants.  Our first year we picked all the flowers off so that the plant would become strong and grow sister roots for more plants.  The second year we are ready to pick strawberries!








Our hard work is paying off!  The strawberries are growing on our plants.  In a few more weeks we should be ready to pick strawberries!  The ripe berries are ready to pick about 30 days after the blossoms appear.


Strawberry Field

Our strawberries are ready for picking!







In the winter we cover our strawberries with straw…hence the name “straw” berries.  We do this to protect the plants from a sudden change in temperature that will hurt the plants.


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